Well, I probably could LIVE without these things, but I choose not to… my iPhone – used a BB before and loved it but love my new iPhone more because it’s still multifunctional.  Plus it’s way way cool!  I never thought I’d switch from the Pearl but the iPhone is amazing!  My sister – who I get to complain to about everything, but more often than not, its about our mother.  My gas guzzlin’ SUV – its not a land yacht so I don’t feel too bad about it, plus I only drive about 4 miles a day to work, kid’s school, karate, grocery store.  My huge 22in. widescreen computer monitor, my favorite VS jeans, my best girlfriends! 

What I don’t have but will eventually get… a private jet – so that we don’t ever have to wait in line at the airport again & strip naked to go through the metal detectors, a real yacht – so that we can cruise the waters in style, a villa in Tuscany – so that we have a place to go in order to escape from all the insanity in our daily life & the family can come chill with us. 


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