All right, I did steal this idea from my 7yr old’s Bratz activity book, but its still fun to share what my favorites are…

  1. Fav Color – Navy Blue
  2. Fav Number – 22
  3. Fav Song – Show me whatcha got
  4. Fav Book – Pride and Prejudice
  5. Fav Movie – The Italian Job
  6. Fav Food – any kind of Pasta
  7. Fav Ice Cream – Pecan Praline
  8. Fav Cereal – Kellogg’s Fruit & Yogurt
  9. Fav Drink – Sapphire Gin & tonic 
  10. Fav Holiday – Christmas
  11. Fav Sport – Hockey
  12. Fav Candy – any kind of Chocolate
  13. Fav Quote  – “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”
  14. Fav Vacation Spot – anywhere tropical
  15. Fav Animal – Sheep

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