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Friday Bullets – 4th Edition

  • This morning alone I had 8 spam comments for cialis & viagra – thank you so much for the information Mr., Ms., or Mrs. Spammer but I’m a WOMAN & not at all interested in those particular drugs.
  • The husband was waiting at DMV to pick up his new license plates (and this is a post in itself for another day) and overheard a lady talking to her daughter – whose name just happened to be Desiree.
  • Excited about my friend’s birthday party that is tomorrow night. We got my niece to watch the gremlins so we can go sans children to the party.  Drunkfest!
  • I’m so tired of people complaining about our FREE, yes I said FREE, videos. Without ever having bought anything from us. They’re just complaining about the FREE video. You can go SUCKIT!
  • SOMEONE brought donuts into the office today & before I had to control myself so as not to eat any of the donuts I found that another employee had eaten my favorite kind! Yes!! And I did thank him ever so much for eating it before I could get my paws on it.
  • Filing paperwork is at the bottom of my list of favorite things to do. EVER.
  • And I have a month & a half worth of papers to file. Oh, here let me show you! photo-3_edited

Granted this stack (or my current papers to file) isn’t nearly as bad as the stack below (or my SIX months worth of papers to file) that I put off for oh, SIX months.


  • Thankfully the antibiotics are doing their thang. I finally feel human again.
  • I decided to wear earrings in the second holes on my ear lobe today after not wearing earrings there for 5+ years.
  • I don’t know why I stopped wearing them but for some reason I felt like wearing them today.
  • Actually had to go to Honey bunny’s room and steal borrow some small stud type earrings cause I have none anymore.
  • Have officially begun the punch list of required records for our CPA for 2008. BLECH!

Well, that’s enough for now,



What’s in a name?

I’ve been thinking about what’s in a name. Sort of Romeo & Juliet style. Like a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. What is it that makes us who we are? And do our names influence who we become?

I have an unusual name. It’s not that there aren’t other people in the world with my same name but you just don’t have five Desiree’s in your school as you do with Jennifer.  And you know what I find interesting is how some people who have unusual names either LOVE them or HATE them.  They’re never indifferent to their different name.  I fall into the former category.  Every memory I have growing up is of loving my unique name.  And even now I do like my name.  Maybe it’s because I like compliments and every where I went people always complimented me on the loveliness of my name.  That equated to MY loveliness.  Ultimately those people were actually telling me that I was lovely, well in my mind anyway.  Feed ego, feed ego, feed fragile ego.

It’s been my experience that the people who hate their unique names are almost embarrassed by the designation.  Like they’d prefer to disappear then be complimented on something they can’t stand.  And why is it that they hate the unique name?  Why would they rather be a plain Jane or Jennifer or Sarah or something. Not that there is anything wrong with those names ~btw.  Is it that inherent part of us that wants what we can’t have?  Although, in this case, you CAN change your name.  Why don’t they?  My own mother changed her name only just a few years ago.  She decided that her name didn’t suit who she was anymore, so she changed it.

So, does our name play into our personalities, behaviors, thoughts, and feelings about ourselves?  And if you change it to reflect who you are now will you want to change it again later?

My name came by way of a movie.  As I suspect many peoples name do.  The story is that when my mom was a teenager, she had gone to see the movie Desiree starring Marlon Brando & Jean Simmons.  It’s the tale of Napoleon Bonaparte and his original love Desiree.  She spurned his love but eventually fell in love with him as he rose to power.  And as wont to happen, fate / destiny / chance intervened in the form of Josephine.  If you know anything about history, then you know who he chose; the more politically advantageous Josephine.  Desiree in due time chose Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte.  Who eventually rose to become King of Sweden & Desiree his Queen.  So anyway, my mom decided on that day, at the movies, that she would name her first daughter Desiree.  And that is how it came to be that I have this name.

But back to my question, do our names influence who we become?  I think the answer is YES.  What I don’t know is if we fall into stereotypes of what people by certain names should be/do or if those people with those names are predestined to be/do/act certain ways.  There have been studies done that show people with certain names are predominate in certain industries.

What do you think?

Thursday Thirteen – 2nd edition

Thirteen Favorite Quotes

1. Where so many hours have been spent in convincing myself that I am right, is there not some reason to fear I may be wrong? – Jane Austen, English novelist (1775 – 1817)

2. In taking revenge, a man is but even with his enemy; but in passing it over, he is superior – Sir Francis Bacon English author, courtier, & philosopher (1561 – 1626)

3. The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone – Harriet Beecher Stowe US abolitionist & novelist (1811 – 1896)

4. At every party there are two kinds of people – those who want to go home and those who don’t. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other -Ann Landers

5. As a well-spent day brings happy sleep, so life well used brings happy death – Leonardo da Vinci Italian engineer, painter, & sculptor (1452 – 1519)

6. Life is a great big canvas; throw all the paint on it you can – Danny Kaye US actor & singer (1913 – 1987)

7. Our lives improve only when we take chances – and the first and most difficult risk we can take is to be honest with ourselves – Walter Anderson

8. Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds – Franklin D. Roosevelt, Pan American Day address, April 15, 1939 32nd president of US (1882 – 1945)

9. Ask yourself whether you are happy and you cease to be so – John Stuart Mill

10. Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment and especially on their children than the unlived life of the parent – Carl Jung Swiss psychologist (1875 – 1961)

11. If my hands are fully occupied in holding on to something, I can neither give nor receive -Dorothee Solle

12. We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office – Aesop

13. It only takes 20 years for a liberal to become a conservative without changing a single idea – Robert Anton Wilson

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Friday Bullets – 2nd edition

OK. And now for more Friday bullets.  I can hardly put a sentence together any more without getting distracted by twitter & the 100s of emails I’m getting from twittermoms.  Shiny objects!  That’s why bullets are so great.  It doesn’t even have to be a whole sentence!  Single words people, a single word will suffice.  Excellent.

Things I’m excited about today:

  • Twittermoms Wine Club event is tonight! 
  • The husband is coming home soon.
  • I won’t have to make the gremlin’s lunches next week!
  • Halloween
  • We can go back to our regularly scheduled routines.
  • Candy – Candy Corn Pumpkins specifically.
  • Fall – except that it’s 90 degrees outside today.
  • Twittermoms Wine Club event.  It’s wine!  It’s twitter!  It’s fun, funny, women!
  • No homework for Honey bunny.
  • I don’t have to get up early tomorrow.
  • We can stay in our PJs all day all weekend, if we so desire.
  • Nothing scheduled ALL WEEKEND LONG.
  • Twittermoms Wine Club event – yeah, I know, it made the list three times. But truly I am so excited about this.  We are tasting a Petite Sirah and I don’t ususally drink red wines so I’m curious about the taste.  I’ll let you know how it goes in a post later.

Well, that wraps up this bullet list for the week. 


Thursday 13 – My first

Thirteen Things about Des

1. I’m a Capricorn – whether that really means anything is another story.
2. I’ve lived in the same state my whole life – that would be the state of CALIFORNIA not the state of stupidity or something. Although it’s possible that’s true too.
3. I’ve lived in only three cities in Cali – but we moved within those cities frequently.
4. I took French & German language classes in JR & High School – Ich liebe Herr Kirshner.
5. I’ve learned Spanish from watching Dora the Explorer – Cuidado.
6. My first car was a white 1983 Toyota Corolla – my Dad got GOLD rims for it. Tricked out!
7. It was a hand me down from my sister – I only got it because she was going away to school.
8. I wrecked it and could only afford to buy a 1976 Chevy Vega (in 1988) – it was burgundy with red interior – all of it – the seats, the carpet, the dashboard, and the headliner. The husband called it Mega Vega.
9. Broken my thumb playing softball as a kid – in the last game of the season just before we went to Allstars!
10. Went to Nice, France with my dance team during my sophmore year in HS – for Mardi Gras – we got to perform in the parade. They shouted out names at us & called us stoopid americahns, even then.
11. When the husband & I were in HK on business, I had a suit tailor made – there is nothing like having something made to fit only you, and not some general size.
12. At one point in my silly youth I wanted to have three children – HA! I’m so glad we didn’t do that. I can barely handle the two we have.
13. I really, really, really want to go on a Transatlantic cruise aboard the Cunard QM2 – rock it old school style & sans filles.

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It’s time for some more of my favorite Quotes!

I think sufficient time has past since I last posted my favorite quotes. Therefore, I’ve decided today would be the day that I’d force some more down your throats. I say it this way because generally I find myself drawn to “preachy” quotes. The kind of quotes that teach or attempt to impart some sort of lesson upon the reader. So if that’s not your cup of tea, then TOO BAD. Heh. I’m just saying, these are my favorites, but I hope you enjoy them as well.

I’m going to start this batch with the coup de grâce:
It is not uncommon for a mother, particularly, to feel overwhelmed by the complexity of her parental assignment. For each child she raises, she is the primary protector of his health, education, intellect, personality, character, and emotional stability. She must serve as physician, nurse, psychologist, teacher, minister, cook, and policeman. Since she is with the children longer each day than her husband, she is the chief disciplinarian and main giver of security and love. She will not know whether or not she is handling these matters properly until it is too late to change her methodology. Furthermore, Mom’s responsibilities extend far beyond her children. She must also meet her obligations to her husband, her church, her relatives, her friends, and in some cases, her employer.
~Dr. James Dobson
Can I get an AMEN?!

All right, moving on…
We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.
– Aristotle

Perhaps in time the so-called Dark Ages will be thought of as including our own.
– Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is stoned to death.
– Joan D. Vinge

When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth.
– George Bernard Shaw

I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.
– Harry S Truman

You probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do.
– Olin Miller

Time is like a handful of sand- the tighter you grasp it, the faster it runs through your fingers.
– Anonymous

To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.
– Nelson Mandela

Life appears to me too short to be spent in nursing animosity, or registering wrongs.
– Charlotte Bronte

Until you value yourself, you won’t value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it.
– M. Scott Peck

Man is fond of counting his troubles, but he does not count his joys. If he counted them up as he ought to, he would see that every lot has enough happiness provided for it.
– Fyodor Dostoevsky

For years I wanted to be older, and now I am.
– Margaret Atwood

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much.
– Oscar Wilde Irish dramatist, novelist, & poet (1854 – 1900)

Cheerfulness, it would appear, is a matter which depends fully as much on the state of things within, as on the state of things without and around us.
– Charlotte Bronte

The cleverest of all, in my opinion, is the man who calls himself a fool at least once a month.
– Fyodor Dostoevsky

Never pray for justice, because you might get some.
– Margaret Atwood

Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves.
– Emily Bronte

Resolve to be thyself: and know, that he who finds himself, loses his misery.
– Matthew Arnold, ‘Self-Dependence’ English critic & poet (1822 – 1888)

We sometimes encounter people, even perfect strangers, who begin to interest us at first sight, somehow suddenly, all at once, before a word has been spoken.
– Fyodor Dostoevsky

Look at what your idea of success would be. The more that you take in external motivators, the more it reduces your ultimate satisfaction because it doesn’t come from inside.
– Chris Messina, Cashing In or Selling Out, SXSW 2006

We judge ourselves by what we feel capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already done.
– Henry Wadsworth Longfellow US poet (1807 – 1882)

You create your opportunities by asking for them.
– Patty Hansen

The soul is healed by being with children.
– Fyodor Dostoevsky

Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.
– Mary Tyler Moore US television actress (1936 – )

We know what we are, but know not what we may be.
– William Shakespeare, Hamlet, 1600 Greatest English dramatist & poet (1564 – 1616)

Enough for now,

Make the World a better place and that’s not a Band Aid song

I’ve recently set up a StumbleUpon account and what do you think happened?  One guess, that’s all you’ll need, I bet you guessed it, I Stumbled Upon  (bwhahahaha) this website. Where I immediately found this post.

This one right here:
The No. 1 Lifehack You can Implement Today to Make the World a Better Place | Zen Habits.  It’s actually a guest post by this guy.  But that’s ok, the rest of the posts on Zen_Habits ROCK! Oh, and several of the posts (that I’ve read so far) from the guest poster (?) guest post person (?) Mark Hayward are total awesomeness… please to enjoy.

And pass on the kindness. It is a moral imperative.

Enough for now,

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