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The Bloggess is Awesome, even when she’s phoning it in

Her post yesterday was this youtube video.  And frankly, I don’t care that she thinks she was phoning it in or was actually phoning it in.  This video is hilarious!  For those of you that came into your teenage years during the 80’s, you’re gonna LOVE this!!!  Even if you hated this type of music, you’ll still laugh your ass off watching this literal song translation.  Brilliant!


I can’t stop watching this. » The Bloggess


Note to my 16yr old self

Hey D,

It’s me.  Just wanted to let you know that you don’t have to cry about not seeing George Michael in concert.  When you’re 37yrs old, you’ll get to see him perform.   And what a show it will be!  The stage, amazing, technologically so far advanced you wouldn’t believe me.  Just trust me, it will be phenomenal.  Plus, he has still got it after all these years!!  In fact, he’s probably better.  Sexy, check. Voice, check.  Boody shakin, check, check.     

So dry your tears, you’ll get a chance to see him; you’ll drool, sing, dance, and laugh with your friends about how silly you can still be… even in your 30’s. 

It’ll be all right darling.  Just go on & remember that you’ll see him eventually. 

Now if I could just tell you that you’ll see Duran Duran, then everything would be perfect.  Maybe another time. 

Love ya,

P.S.  Word of advice… maybe you should – you know what, never mind, just do what you’re gonna do.  Lessons learned. 

I get to see (part 2)

So we went to the Justin Timberlake concert on Sunday night and it was freakin’ AMAZING!!!!  Yeah we saw him in concert before, but that just doesn’t even matter.  This show was different than the one we saw in Fresno.  Different order of songs, dances, costumes, even some of the players were different. 

I have posted pictures and more about the concert here.  So go read it, now. 


I get to see…

Justin Timberlake in concert tonight!!!!  OH YEAH!!!!!  And we have VIP Lounge tickets which means that we will be right at the stage!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!  If you are wondering whether I am excited or not, then just check out the number of exclamation points used so far, that should be some kind of indication.  ***Writer’s note: My apologies to those of you reading that have a problem with excessive use of the exclamation point.

OK, where to start?  One of the girls in our office & her sister went to see Justin Timberlake (aka my mid-life crisis sex toy ~ all right maybe not in reality but definitely in my fantasies!) back in January of this year.  They had a blast & showed us the pictures (I know, they weren’t supposed to bring cameras in but everyone does it, in fact we did it too, and you’ll see those pics below) and told us how fantastic the show was.  He danced and sang like a 2o-somethin’ hottie should. 

Now, the reason that I wasn’t at that show was due in part to my need to pack for a business trip that the husband & I were taking to Las Vegas for CES, which we were leaving for the night after the concert.  But, as soon as we heard how excellent the show was, we immediately decided that we needed to find out where and when he was playing next.  As it turned out, he was playing the very next week in Fresno ~Fresno, nobody goes to Fresno anymore~ and we could still get tickets.  “Amazingly” enough.  And, not just any tickets, but VIP Lounge tickets which would put us directly at the stage!!  Take that all you people sitting in the nose bleed sections. 

Just so I can brag a little more, here is a picture taken at the Fresno show:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket We were all reaching for his shoes & pants (or any part we could reach!) like the ridiculous teenagers around us, while screaming out his name.   

and here is another one:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket There is just something about being this close to a guy who is so hot, can dance, and sing like nobody’s business.  The energy at the show was super high.  We were screaming right along with the other thousands of screaming teenagers.  Yeah, I know, it’s silly.  I mean we’re “adults”, right?  Ah, who cares!  It was too much fun!!!

The show was originally supposed to be on Sept. 12th.  However, the VMA’s were in Las Vegas this year on Sunday Sept 9th… and Mr. Justin Timberlake was performing and also receiving awards.  Some say that he “may” have “over-indulged” while in Las Vegas.   Like this reporter. But then again it could be truly as the AP reports it.  I’m sure it was more along the lines of TOO MUCH PARTYING! 

Anyhoo, so now we are going to see him TONIGHT!!!  Just a small delay in pleasure.  Helps build up the excitement.  And now it’s CONCERT TIME!  We have a limo driving us to the venue so we’ll be doin’ a little bit of partying ourselves on the way.

OK, enough for now.  I’ll post something in a day or two with some pics & tell ya’ll how PHENOMENAL the show was.


Girl’s night, drunk night (Part 2)


Well, now that I am fully recovered from this event, I am ready to fill you in on the night.  This is not to say that I was overly wasted.  In fact, I think we were all pretty reserved on our level of alcohol intake.  There have been many occasions when we drank much more.  Thankfully #17 did not happen.  See part 1 so you know what I’m talking about.  I’ll wait…

…ok you’re back? Good, moving on, I did still manage to have a mini headache the entire next day, despite taking a couple extra strength Tylenol.

Since we had to drive about an hour to get to A’s house, four of us carpooled, I drove the husband’s car (which was a treat in itself since I hardly ever get to drive it & it’s a BMW & it drives really fast!  Weeeeeee!  So, lets say that you’re going oh, I don’t know, 90 mph but you feel like you’re going 35 mph ~ that’s how smooth it drives.) 

Anyway, we got a great start on the chatting.  That’s the thing about friends, you can talk & laugh & listen to music, and make an hour long drive feel like minutes.  By the time we got to the house it was after 7:30pm.  A had made a huge batch of spaghetti sauce from scratch (who has the time to do this anymore?  well, she doesn’t have children yet, so that must explain it.) and the effort was very much appreciated because the sauce was delicious.  We didn’t end up eating until after 9pm, which was fine, but generally, at home, we eat much earlier (you know, we have children and we’re trying to set a good example by eating as a family and all that which means that we eat at 6:00pm or thereabouts).  It was undeniably delightful eating that late, I felt a bit like a grown up.  (Side note: Isn’t that silly?  I am a grown up.  At least I’m pretty sure that being 36 yrs old with two children makes me a grown up.)

Yes, we drank.  I saw an ad in a magazine that Smirnoff makes a pre-mixed Cosmopolitan available in a very large bottle.  It was most excellent.  I will be getting that again in the near future.  I think I drank about a quarter of the bottle and a couple of the girls drank the other quarter.  In addition to the champagne that was consumed ~probably three bottles.  Oh, yeah and I think there was a few gin & tonics served. 

Yes, we snacked.  Chips & 7 layer black bean dip.  Cheddar cheese Ruffles.  W brought two bags of chocolate covered pretels, YUMMY!  Opps, I forgot!  For dessert we had this ooey gooey pumpkin cake that V made.  Good stuff.

Yes, we drank some more.  And yes, we most definately talked & laughed our guts out.  I can’t recall what most of the conversations were, but I do remember laughing till my stomach hurt.  Plus, in the morning, A made some kind of croissant french toast casserole stuff that you bake & serve with syrup.  Très délicieux!

All in all, it was a fairly mellow night full of great food, even better friends, lots of laughs, and much drinking.  What could be better?!!  I do have to say that the only thing missing, was two of our dear friends, who were unable to make it to the party.  They were certainly missed!  It just means that we’ll have to do another girl’s night, like immediately.

Enough for now,


Girl’s night, drunk night

Oh, yeah!  It’s girl’s night!  I am so excited!!!  I think I can probably use a few more exclamation marks!!!!

After we went to movie night, a few weeks back, see my movie review, we went to a little bar by the theater and got a drink.  It was mentioned that we should have another girl’s night.  One of the girl’s boyfriend was gonna be out of town for about 4 days.  This makes their place an ideal location to hold “Girl’s night, drunk night/sleepover party” & we picked tonight! 

So after multiple emails between the 8 of us we decide we’re gonna:

  1. eat
  2. maybe go to a bar
  3. drink
  4. eat some snacks
  5. drink
  6. laugh our guts out
  7. watch a movie
  8. play some cards 
  9. drink
  10. watch a movie
  11. eat more snacks
  12. drink again
  13. drink more
  14. LAUGH our ASSES off
  15. eat again
  16. drink some more
  17. possibly throw up

Probably not in that specific order.  And hopefully not #17, but we shall see.  In fact, I will continue this blog in a part 2 with all the details of the night.

I wish I could say that we are going to be all intellectual while daintily sipping our cocktails and discuss important world issues but I can’t and we won’t.  We all have jobs and most of us have kids so when we get a chance to let loose, you better watch out.

All right, I gotta go start packing.  Aahhhhh, I’m so excited!!  I can’t wait!


Sometimes I wish…

That I only needed 5 4 3 hrs of sleep per night.  Oh, and I would be completely refreshed, ready to take on whatever the day had in store.  If this wish were to come true, I would have enough time to do everything that I wanted to do.  I was contemplating this, the other night, as I was falling asleep.  I had so wanted to spend more time writing but I knew that I needed to get to bed at a decent hour ~ decent hour being something like 11:00pm ~ and how this would be absolutely necessary for me to have enough energy for the next day (or everyday for that matter).  I am perpetually facing this limitation, not enough hours in the day….  Certainly I’m not the only one that feels this way.  But we’re not talking about them, we’re talking about me.  So, there. 

Now, if I only needed 5 4 3 hrs to rest each night, then I would be able to do the following (in no particular order):

  • read,
  • watch t.v.,
  • exercise,
  • listen to music,
  • check my emails,
  • travel,
  • read blogs,
  • scrapbook,
  • volunteer,
  • write blogs,
  • chat with friends,
  • mess with myspace,
  • talk to my husband ~in more words than “ah uh, yeah, ok, whatever, no, did you, sure”.  I would love to speak in whole sentences about important world topics or our life & future together or our children, 
  • write more of my book,
  • journal,
  • give blood,
  • play /read with my children,
  • and so on. 

Not having 21 hrs to do all of the above (and more) means that I have to be really selective.  No time wasting for me.  And even still I have to choose wisely between what has to be done & what I want to do.  It just doesn’t add up.  If only I could be selfish and do the things I want to do.  I would say “screw you” to all the work, chores, homework (now that we have started back to school) and other responsibilities that must come before the fun stuff.  I suppose if I had the extra time, then I wouldn’t have to say “screw you”, I could just do everything!

So, I’ll say it again, sometimes I wish that I only needed 3 hrs of sleep.  Imagine all the wonderful things that I would be able to do!  Aaahhhh, what a delightful thought.

Enough for now (cause I have to go to bed),


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