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Look who is coming to work with me today

Before leaving for school today Pumpkin decided that I simply HAD to bring her zhuzhu pets with me to the office. Why? Because then she’d have them to play with when she got there after school, of course.
For those of you that have kids you know what I’m talking about.
Bwhahahahaha! Now that will be stuck in YOUR head for hours.


The Socks

Are you aware of this trend? Wearing mix n match socks? And they sell ’em in a pack with only three single socks. WTH? Well Honey bunny loves it. What I think is hilarious; the fluorescent colors! Hello? 1980s? Did you want your colors back?!

Christmas Trees Decorated

The trees in our formal living room & family room. Yes, I did these all by myself. The gremlins helped with the family tree but otherwise I put the trees together and did the ornaments.


Manic Monday 42 – Plant


Yesterday (and today) has been incredibly gorgeous, in terms of the weather, and I was sitting outside watching my gremlins play in the front yard, while watching them I noticed that my poor plants are in dire need of some TLC. In addition, I need to add some plants to a few of the pots that are looking a bit sad or really sad depending on your positive/negative bend.

I think I’m gonna plan on picking up a few plants this weekend & clean up the whole front porch! Just in time to impress my guests for Sunday. Hmmm, I’m kinda starting to get excited about the prospect.

Enough for now,


Friday Bullets – 5th Edition

Welcome to Friday! It’s been Friday for hours now & in some places it’s really Saturday already but hopefully there isn’t anyone in those places reading this post & thinking “Shit! It’s still Friday? WTF?!” But anyway, where I live it’s still Friday and I’m gonna do another boring edition of Friday bullets cause I got nothin’ better to do. And not piles of work. And not crap to get together for the CPA or anything. Heh. So, without further delay.

  • I’ve been holding onto this picture from LOLcats for MONTHS or maybe just one month. Have you seen it? I luurrrve this picture!!! Look at the fish! And look at the cat! Ahahahahaha. I also like the message. Because really, death IS always closer than you think.

funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals

  • As long as the weather holds out, we’re meeting up with some other peeps tonight at Honey bunny’s school for a bit of star gazing.
  • I have no idea what to wear to a bridal shower that I’m going to tomorrow.
  • The gift that I got for the shower is probably more appropriate for the bachelorette party, if you know what I’m talking about.
  • So hopefully it doesn’t embarrass the shit outta anyone. Especially the bride. Or perhaps her grandmother.
  • Avoidance & procrastination are my best friends at this time of year.
  • My little pumpkin is turning 4 years old in ten days.
  • It blows my mind that she is turning four already.
  • We were looking through pictures of her when she was first born and my god I was the size of a HOUSE!
  • My dad is going to Philippines next week & he has been having radiation and chemo treatments since December.
  • I’m REEEEAALLLY freaked out that he is taking this trip.
  • Yet, I know that he has to go cause its truly important to him.
  • I alternate between scared, happy, depressed, angry, joyous, and a dozen other emotions on an hourly basis these days.
  • Maybe I should consider some medication?
  • And finally, a hilarious literal video translation from the Funny or Die site ~cause this is one of my happy moments. It is the White Wedding Video from Billy Idol (if I had more skillz wit da html I could figure out how to display the video below but I suck) so enjoy the video anyway!
Enough for now,

What Desiree needs…

You may have seen this meme going around…type (your name) needs into Google and see what you need. Then write the first 10 things you find…

1. Desiree needs… a vacation!! (Ha! This is perfect.)
2. Desiree needs… everyone now. (For a great big party with lots of alcoholic type beverages)
3. Desiree needs… solace. (This is kinda true, actually. Weird)
4. Desiree needs… a hobby that doesn’t start with “f” and ryhme with chasebook. (Holy shit!! I’m not making this up!!!)
5. Desiree needs… 100 color copies in binders. (Huh, apparently someone thinks I’ve got work to do!)
6. Desiree needs… to get a mortgage. (WOW I’m starting to get frightened by this now.)
7. Desiree needs… a pulpit. (Bwaahhahahahaha, nobody wants me to get behind a pulpit, believe me)
8. Desiree needs… some help (and some adult conversation). (Preferably with my best girlfriends & lots of alcohol)
9. Desiree needs… a family that will be patient with her. (Sooooo, true.)
10. Desiree needs… to be vindicated. (Wha huh?)

So now, if you want to participate, then follow the incredibly simple instructions above and get on with it! Oh, and put a link to yours in the comment section so I can find out what it is that you need.

Enough for now,


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