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I seem to have forgotten I have a blog

I am not entirely certain if I haven’t written a word on this blog in nearly one month’s time because I have nothing to say (which isn’t wholly true) or I’m too dag gum busy (which is wholly true) or some other reason that escapes my tired brain… oh, yes, I remember now, a couple things called Facebook & Twitter. Between the two of them and my regular every day family/life/work stuff I manage to stay quite occupied. But I am still alive and kicking for those of you who only know me through this blog.

It’s also the start of a new year, which means that I have to assemble all the data from 2008 into a legible, manageable form to present to the CPA so he can in turn assemble our tax filings. And I have to do this for both our business and our personal records since I am the anal number cruncher of the family.

So until I can get my head in gear to post something of interest to me (because it’s all about me, really), it might be a bit light around here for awhile. We shall see.

In the mean time, here is something that did manage to make me laugh so hard I was crying & my stomach ache from using muscles that haven’t been used in over three months (that would be about the time I did my last workout, truth be known). And frankly, I’m not super happy with that situation which makes me think I’ll be gettin’ back to the gym next week. Hopefully.

Enough for now,


We’re moving, again. (part 6)

Welp, I suppose it’s time for another installment in the on-going saga… it has been almost 6 months since we put our house on the market.  Talk about taking far longer than we EVER expected.  And there is still no real end in sight.  Sure, we have had quite a few people come through the house in the last month but no offer has been made.  We did have an almost offer that you can read about here, if you’ve got the time. 

Last week we had someone schedule a walk through (and they actually showed up & left a card!  wow very professional!), so the husband emailed our agent to give him all the details.  Later that same day the agent calls back to say how he, “appreciated us sending the info. but did you miss one?”  Huh?  “No, we didn’t miss one, but people have come through without leaving a card.  Perhaps that’s what this agent did.” So, yeah, he says, “Well, I’m expecting an offer from them any day.” 

WHAT!!!???  Excuse me?  How come you haven’t said anything to us about these people?

Well there is a caveat, they want to bring out a pool contractor to see how much time & money it will take to have a pool installed.  Uuummm, O.K.   I’m not going to count on this one coming to fruition.  It certainly sounds sketchy to me.  In fact, Mr. Realtor, don’t ever tell us that you are expecting an offer.  Tell us when you actually, physically have an offer burning your hands!  It’s just too disappointing when you say ‘you think one is coming’ but then that never becomes reality.  We are desperate to sell and our hopes rise so high when we hear those words.  And then those hopes are smashed against the giant rocks that exist in our minds.

Man, oh Manischewitz, I am so over this whole thing.  I really want to get this house sold so that we can start living in this house again (even if only temporarily).  I miss my family room.  Do you know, well technically you probably don’t unless you’ve been following this saga, we took the T.V. & other electronic devices out of the family room and we haven’t sat in there since!  No Joke.  We’re talking about 6 MONTHS.  Basically when we put the T.V. back up in our bedroom ~cause we took that one down too, that room became our family room.  You can always find us there. 

I seriously miss being able to leave dishes in the sink for more than 5 minutes, I miss the luxury of leaving toys on the floor, and business papers on my desk.  I will say one positive result from this experience (I’m trying with all my power to stay positive & find positive things to take from this ordeal) is that I can now do one million and one things in the morning & still manage to get myself ready for the day without being more than 10 minutes late for work.  Which for me is basically on time.

I pray every day that we will get this house sold and be able to move on with our lives instead of being in perpetual limbo.  Wish, pray, hope for me that we will sell this house!!  PLEASE!!

Enough for now,



We got a call from a realtor at 10:00am that they wanted to show the house to their client sometime between 11-1:00pm.  Yay!  This is actually the 5th client that has wanted to see the house in less than two weeks.  Believe me when I say that I am thrilled by this development.  So I left work, rushed up to the house, and set about making sure it was in show condition.  As in, all the lights were on, all the toys were put away, no dishes laying around, clean the deck of the 10 BILLION acorns and leaves (this is in no way an exaggeration ~ the oak tree must be in the neighborhood of 100 yrs old because it produces the HUGEST acorns), etc. 
(Writer’s note: Since beginning this post I have come to learn that we are not the only one’s with the acorn problem. You can read more about it here if you are curious. Fascinating stuff, riveting some might say.)

I had put all the lights on and was in the middle of clearing the deck when the husband calls to tell me that the realtor cancelled for today and they want to come tomorrow instead!  AAAAAAHHHHH!  Excuse me??!  No you may not come tomorrow, you are coming over now like you said.  I’m not doing all this work for nothing!!!  I had the deck about 75% cleaned by that point.  Geez!  All right, lets go back through the whole house to turn of all the lights.

Back to the office I go…. once I get settled in GUESS what happens.  GUESS, go ahead, GUESS.  I bet you can figure it out… someone else called to say they’d like to look at the house today, between 2:30-3:30pm.  Well, at least on the bright side, all the cleanup I did on the deck didn’t go to waste.


Ok, I stated this post on Tues. and now it’s Thurs.  The people that were scheduled to come through between 2:30-3:30pm may or may not have actually come over.  They didn’t leave a card so we have no real way of knowing.  I think that is incredibly rude.  Is it just me?  LEAVE A DAMN CARD!  Or call and tell us that you aren’t coming over!!!  We left lights on all over the house so that it shows well and they didn’t have the courtesy to show-up.  We aren’t PG&E!  Grrrrrrr.  On top of this, the original people that were scheduled for Wed. between 11-1:00pm called at 3:00pm to tell us that they weren’t coming after all but could they reschedule for Thurs. between 12-2pm?  WTF????  Are you kidding me right now?  Why not, we have nothing better to do than leave all the lights on ALL DAY long.


Ok, so now it’s Fri. and this is the longest it has taken me to write one simple post!!  All right, where was I?  Oh, yes, the people that rescheduled for Thurs. 12-2pm didn’t actually show up sometime between 2:30-4:30pm.  I know this because I stopped by the house after 2:00pm to turn off all the lights.  You know, figuring that the people would have already come by at their scheduled time, but NOOOOO, they hadn’t been there yet ~no card.  Decided to leave the lights on just in case they were running late.  Sure enough when we got home at 5:00pm, there was a card there from the realtor. 

We notified our agent so he could follow up.  But get this, the agent that showed our house represents PRO ATHLETES!  And she showed the house to a PRO-FOOTBALLER!!  How cool is that???!  Unfortunately, though it’s highly unlikely that he will make us an offer that we want, apparently this guy likes to low-ball people.  Which, in our situation, just won’t do.  But he did say that our house was on the top of his list so far….

OMG!!! We just received word from our agent that someone wants to present an offer on the house tomorrow night!!!!! 


Continuing on with the longest post in history….  Here is some new ridiculousness to add to the story… it’s now Sat. night and at about 1:00pm this afternoon we got a call from our agent saying that he spoke with the other people’s agent.  Apparently there was a falling out between the two.  The client & agent wrote up the offer without indicating an offer price.  So the agent said, if you want me to present the offer tonight, then you need to tell me what your offer price is.  And this is in no way a joke, the client says I want to offer $X million.  I’ll just tell you that it was $700,000.00 LESS than what we are asking.  The agent says, I am not going to present that offer to the sellers.  (Hey, someone with a brain.)  Cause, frankly, if they had tried to present that to us, we would have laughed in their faces. 

We owe more to the bank than what the offer was, we certainly couldn’t accept the offer.  In addition, this house & property is WORTH WAY MORE THAN THAT!  Grrrrrr. The house itself is 4,000sq ft.  On 5 acres of land.  4 bdrms, 4 & 1/2 baths, plus an office.  It is gated.  It is private.  It has views of the valley that are unparalled.  The garage alone is over 1,000sq ft.  So COME ON lady, what can you be thinking???!!  Not too mention, we’ve got to have some money left over to buy a new house. 

Well, the client didn’t like the agent telling her that she wouldn’t present that LOW of an offer so she told her that she would find another agent. 

We’re a little sad.  Not about that dumb lady & her agent.  But about the fact that we don’t have an offer on the house.  We were really hoping this would be it!  Alas, it was not to be.

I think that is enough for now (I’ll be sure to bore you with more details as they arrive),


P.S. YAY, I finally did it!  I finished the longest post in history!

We’re moving, again (part 5)

Well, well, well, here we are in OCTOBER!!  October 3rd to be exact.  It has been months since we put our house on the market.  Sadly, not a single offer to date.  I guess it is to be expected.  What with the mortgage industry in the shambles, people forclosing on their homes so frequently now it’s like going through tissue in allergy season.  Plus, there are more houses on the market than people able to qualify for them.  Not to mention the fact that we are in a higher end home; therefore less people looking in that price range.

It is definitely not an ideal time to be attempting to sell one’s house.  We have already reduced the price of the house by $100k.  We really don’t want to reduce it again.  If we have to drop the price again we will be running into a situation where we may not have enough money left over to buy another home!  WTF?! For almost the entire time the husband & I have been together we have owned the home we lived in.  We never rented an apt or condo or anything else.  We have always owned.

So, now it is almost Halloween and Thanksgiving and then Christmas.  I love decorating for each of those times and I don’t know whether I should or not.  On the one hand, we should be able to decorate and enjoy the season but on the other hand I don’t want the house to look cluttered or crappy when prospective buyers come tour the house.  Then I think, well, we are still living here, so F**K them.  We are real people with young children who deserve to have the of fun of putting up pumpkins or scary skeletons or spooky ghosts.  But then I think I want the house to look immaculate and not distract buyers with all that stuff.  AAAAAHHHH!! What to do… what to do?!

On a brighter note, we have had three different people tour the house within the last week.  That is more in one week than in the last month!  I’m not wanting to get my hopes up but am still hopeful that someone is interested in buying the house.  Soon.

Enough for now,


I get to see…

Justin Timberlake in concert tonight!!!!  OH YEAH!!!!!  And we have VIP Lounge tickets which means that we will be right at the stage!!!!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!  If you are wondering whether I am excited or not, then just check out the number of exclamation points used so far, that should be some kind of indication.  ***Writer’s note: My apologies to those of you reading that have a problem with excessive use of the exclamation point.

OK, where to start?  One of the girls in our office & her sister went to see Justin Timberlake (aka my mid-life crisis sex toy ~ all right maybe not in reality but definitely in my fantasies!) back in January of this year.  They had a blast & showed us the pictures (I know, they weren’t supposed to bring cameras in but everyone does it, in fact we did it too, and you’ll see those pics below) and told us how fantastic the show was.  He danced and sang like a 2o-somethin’ hottie should. 

Now, the reason that I wasn’t at that show was due in part to my need to pack for a business trip that the husband & I were taking to Las Vegas for CES, which we were leaving for the night after the concert.  But, as soon as we heard how excellent the show was, we immediately decided that we needed to find out where and when he was playing next.  As it turned out, he was playing the very next week in Fresno ~Fresno, nobody goes to Fresno anymore~ and we could still get tickets.  “Amazingly” enough.  And, not just any tickets, but VIP Lounge tickets which would put us directly at the stage!!  Take that all you people sitting in the nose bleed sections. 

Just so I can brag a little more, here is a picture taken at the Fresno show:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket We were all reaching for his shoes & pants (or any part we could reach!) like the ridiculous teenagers around us, while screaming out his name.   

and here is another one:
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket There is just something about being this close to a guy who is so hot, can dance, and sing like nobody’s business.  The energy at the show was super high.  We were screaming right along with the other thousands of screaming teenagers.  Yeah, I know, it’s silly.  I mean we’re “adults”, right?  Ah, who cares!  It was too much fun!!!

The show was originally supposed to be on Sept. 12th.  However, the VMA’s were in Las Vegas this year on Sunday Sept 9th… and Mr. Justin Timberlake was performing and also receiving awards.  Some say that he “may” have “over-indulged” while in Las Vegas.   Like this reporter. But then again it could be truly as the AP reports it.  I’m sure it was more along the lines of TOO MUCH PARTYING! 

Anyhoo, so now we are going to see him TONIGHT!!!  Just a small delay in pleasure.  Helps build up the excitement.  And now it’s CONCERT TIME!  We have a limo driving us to the venue so we’ll be doin’ a little bit of partying ourselves on the way.

OK, enough for now.  I’ll post something in a day or two with some pics & tell ya’ll how PHENOMENAL the show was.


Girl’s night, drunk night

Oh, yeah!  It’s girl’s night!  I am so excited!!!  I think I can probably use a few more exclamation marks!!!!

After we went to movie night, a few weeks back, see my movie review, we went to a little bar by the theater and got a drink.  It was mentioned that we should have another girl’s night.  One of the girl’s boyfriend was gonna be out of town for about 4 days.  This makes their place an ideal location to hold “Girl’s night, drunk night/sleepover party” & we picked tonight! 

So after multiple emails between the 8 of us we decide we’re gonna:

  1. eat
  2. maybe go to a bar
  3. drink
  4. eat some snacks
  5. drink
  6. laugh our guts out
  7. watch a movie
  8. play some cards 
  9. drink
  10. watch a movie
  11. eat more snacks
  12. drink again
  13. drink more
  14. LAUGH our ASSES off
  15. eat again
  16. drink some more
  17. possibly throw up

Probably not in that specific order.  And hopefully not #17, but we shall see.  In fact, I will continue this blog in a part 2 with all the details of the night.

I wish I could say that we are going to be all intellectual while daintily sipping our cocktails and discuss important world issues but I can’t and we won’t.  We all have jobs and most of us have kids so when we get a chance to let loose, you better watch out.

All right, I gotta go start packing.  Aahhhhh, I’m so excited!!  I can’t wait!


We’re moving, again. (part 3)

It has officially been 6 weeks since we put our house on the market.  And I’m *sad* to say that we have not had any offers to-date.  Many people have driven by & taken flyers, come to the multitude of open house, and scheduled appts. to view the house with their realtors but alas, not one single offer.  This is starting to get depressing.  I know that I’m probably expecting too much to think that our house should have sold by now, but I can’t seem to help myself.  We’ve always sold our previous homes so quickly, generally within the first 30 days of it being on the market.  If I’m more realistic, then I’ll look at what’s truly happening with the housing market.  But then it will really, really depress me because there ain’t shit happening with the market (and just so you know, I don’t care that ‘ain’t’ isn’t proper English).

I’m doing my best to stay positive.  It will sell when the time is right.  When the right person finds the house.  I need to be patient, I know.  At times it’s difficult.  Especially when things have been extremely slow for our business.  It’s fairly fightening.  I wander, like a lost child, all over the spectrum of emotions and thoughts.  From hour to hour, occasionally, starting at ‘everything will work out fine’ and ending with ‘we are going to lose everything that we’ve worked our whole lives for’.  Then I contemplate the latter scenario… what would it really mean to lose everything?  What if it lead us down another path?  The path for which we were truly destined?  What if we are meant to be free of these things that tie us down, and in a way, keep us prisoner.  When you have so many “things” that have to be paid for, you aren’t free.  You must always work to pay for the house, cars, cleaners, gardeners, PG & E, telephone, water, garbage, and so on and so on ad nauseam!

We are so fortunate to have family close by us, so it isn’t as if we would have to live on the streets.  As some are forced to do.  No, we would ultimately be just fine.  And I generally operate until the philosophy that everything has a way of working out the way it’s meant to be.  Call me a Pollyanna if you want, but I think I do like the world with rose colored glasses.

Besides, what if everything that we are currently experiencing is shaping us?  Forming us?  Molding us?  Because isn’t that one of the purposes of life?  Learning and growing by the myriad of life experiences.  And it’s not just happening for myself or the husband but our children too.  We tend to forget that they are influenced by these events because we see them as so young ~they aren’t actually involved.  But I’m beginning to realize how wrong I am in that judgement.  Even our 2yr old asks, “is my crib comin to da new house?” or “is da doggies comin to da new house?”  She understands enough to pose these questions.  She comprehends that we will be leaving this house and moving to another and just wants to make sure that her favorite things will be coming with us.  It really is quite adorable, in a slightly heartbreaking way.  I wish that we didn’t have to make the move, for the girls sake.  That’s when I start thinking about the future again… what’s around the corner?  More challenges to be faced with our business?  Random other things that could pop-up completely out of nowhere?  What if the next house fits our life more perfectly than this house?

Even if things turn around completely for our business and we have tremendous growth, my thought on this house is that it’s time to cut our loses.  But when it boils right down to the bottom, it’s completely out of my control WHEN or even IF the house sells.  Maybe I’ll just sing the Bob Marley song, ‘Everything will be all right’, in my head ~of course.  Or maybe I will just walk around all day singing it out loud, that will be my new theme song.  And I will make people wonder if I’ve finally lost all my marbles.  But then again, they might just start singing with me!  One can only hope….

In the mean time, we are having another series of open houses, next weekend & the following weekend so wish us luck on finding a buyer!

Enough for now,


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