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Blog post on blogging and more

Well, I finally did it.  They said I would.  And I did.  I’m blogging at Starbucks.  I can’t believe I’m making them right.  It’s the last thing I wanted to do; prove them right.  Cause I’ll never hear the end of it from either of them.  It’s kinda scary how similar they are.  Then again it ought to be expected, their birthdays are two days apart.  Two days and many years apart, but still two days.  They’re the same Astrological Sign for Pete’s sake.  That’s the point I’m trying to make with all these words.  See the thing is that I had some extra time ~ Hallelujah ~ because I dropped Pumpkin off at school earlier than usual thereby leaving me with almost an hour to kill.  I didn’t want to go home again (too far away), I didn’t want to get in to the office an hour early (who does?), and Starbucks is on my way to the office (in a round-about way) therefore it makes all kinds of sense to just chill at Starbucks and blog.  Like how I made that one sound like a no-brainer?  Huh?  Huh? 

You won’t tell on me, will you internet?  I am fairly certain that they don’t read this blog so as long as that is true, they’ll never know.  Then again they could read it tomorrow.  My question’s are: 1) who will read this first and 2) how long will it take for that person to give me grief? 

The one thing that I figured would happen while attempting to blog at Starbucks, I would not remember how to access the wi-fi set-up on my laptop.  And I think I spent the first 20 minutes searching for the bloody location of the set-up and list of available wireless connections.  Geez, I should have paid more attention when the Husband was showing me how to do that.  Finally gave up in frustration and just started typing in a word document.  No need to waste anymore precious time.    

On a completely different note, it’s Super Tuesday.  This is going to be a new experience for us.  We are living in a new house and therefore don’t vote at a polling place.  We’re now on permanent absentee ballot so I have, of course, waited until the last possible minute to read through the papers.  I’m almost somewhat sure I can fill out the ballot and drop it off at any polling location.  At least that is what I think I can do.  Why I waited until the last moment to read through the papers can be explained by my total and complete procrastinating nature.  Not that I’m trying to be an uninformed voter or anything, life just tends to get in the way and I allow other things to come first.  I know, I know, excuses, excuses.  It wouldn’t take that much time to read through the stuff, it’s deciphering the legal mumbo jumbo that takes forever.  Plus the arguments ‘for’ or ‘against’ each proposition just make the whole thing more convoluted.  Then I always end up questioning myself.  Do I understand this correctly?  Do I really know what this means?  Do I understand the possible repercussions from this choice?  That’s what takes the most time in the whole process.  And unless you fully understand the deal you could end up voting improperly and cause the proposition to pass or fail. 

I doubt I’m the only one with this affliction.  There is no question in my mind if you polled everyone (which ‘THEY’ have probably already done) you’d get a huge percentage that would tell you all the voters are just as confused by the wording of the propositions.

Enough for now, 


Besides, I have to try to figure out what this ballot stuff means, you know, by today.      


Sometimes I wish…

That I only needed 5 4 3 hrs of sleep per night.  Oh, and I would be completely refreshed, ready to take on whatever the day had in store.  If this wish were to come true, I would have enough time to do everything that I wanted to do.  I was contemplating this, the other night, as I was falling asleep.  I had so wanted to spend more time writing but I knew that I needed to get to bed at a decent hour ~ decent hour being something like 11:00pm ~ and how this would be absolutely necessary for me to have enough energy for the next day (or everyday for that matter).  I am perpetually facing this limitation, not enough hours in the day….  Certainly I’m not the only one that feels this way.  But we’re not talking about them, we’re talking about me.  So, there. 

Now, if I only needed 5 4 3 hrs to rest each night, then I would be able to do the following (in no particular order):

  • read,
  • watch t.v.,
  • exercise,
  • listen to music,
  • check my emails,
  • travel,
  • read blogs,
  • scrapbook,
  • volunteer,
  • write blogs,
  • chat with friends,
  • mess with myspace,
  • talk to my husband ~in more words than “ah uh, yeah, ok, whatever, no, did you, sure”.  I would love to speak in whole sentences about important world topics or our life & future together or our children, 
  • write more of my book,
  • journal,
  • give blood,
  • play /read with my children,
  • and so on. 

Not having 21 hrs to do all of the above (and more) means that I have to be really selective.  No time wasting for me.  And even still I have to choose wisely between what has to be done & what I want to do.  It just doesn’t add up.  If only I could be selfish and do the things I want to do.  I would say “screw you” to all the work, chores, homework (now that we have started back to school) and other responsibilities that must come before the fun stuff.  I suppose if I had the extra time, then I wouldn’t have to say “screw you”, I could just do everything!

So, I’ll say it again, sometimes I wish that I only needed 3 hrs of sleep.  Imagine all the wonderful things that I would be able to do!  Aaahhhh, what a delightful thought.

Enough for now (cause I have to go to bed),


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