Blogging in the airport

Hey, how cool is this?! I’m blogging on my iPhone using the new WordPress iPhone blog feature!
We are getting ready to go to Las Vegas for our anniversary. The one I sort of forgot about. This is our 13th anniversary. My, my, my, how time flies. We are staying at the Venetian Hotel and the last time we stayed there was three years ago. Pumpkin was only 4 months old & I was still breast feeding. So yeah, we had to do the pump n’ dump thing. Probably that was too much information.
So as usual the airport is the most fascinating place to people watch. And craziest small world ever encounter, we ran into one of my friends from HS! She was on her way to Vegas with her two little boys & her mom. Its funny but we only seem to run into each other at the airport going to Vegas. It happened a couple years ago too.


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