Our Anniversary (part 2)

So we are back from our trip to Las Vegas with MUCH lighter pockets.  Oh well, the cost of entertainment.  It is nice to win on occasion or every time, but how likely is that?  We are certainly not professional gamblers, this would (of course) increase our chances of winning more consistantly.  But as I said, it’s the cost of entertainment.

On this trip we stayed at the Wynn.  *BEAUTIFUL* hotel.  If you’ve never heard of it or seen it, then go here Wynn Las Vegas.  Our room was definitely more than I was expecting.  Marble floors in the bathroom, seperate shower & tub with a waterfall spout.  Huge room with King size bed and the most comfortable linens.  In fact, I am thinking of switching our old style matchy matchy comforter, sheets, pillow shams for something like the simplicity of their set.  (BTW, you can purchase almost everything they had in their rooms ~ there was a price list!)  FLAT panel television with wireless keyboard.   Lovely damask couch with a matching ottoman.  A stylish table and chair set plus a really nice desk.  Avant garde art.  The view was decent.  We were looking at some of the other hotels on the strip as opposed to the swimming pool but not that big a deal. 

On our first night in town we had a wonderful dinner at the SW Steakhouse in the Wynn.  I LOVE Las Vegas in the summer!!  I know most people will think I’m insane since the weather is roughly 108-110 degrees during the day but at night it’s some what closer to 80-85 degrees.  Perfect!  The restaurant was partially open to a waterfall/lake and we were eating right at the edge of the indoor/outdoor area.  The best of both worlds.  Air conditioning and natural air where we could enjoy the nice warm weather of the early evening and still feel some cooler temps from inside.  Our table faced the waterfall and we could still observe others enjoying their dinner.  I do find pleasure in observing other people.  It always makes me wonder what their lives are like.  What do they do, where do they live, how do they live, do they have children / grandchildren?  

So, on that note, I swear to you we had dinner with the Soprano.  I’ll explain.  They obviously weren’t the people from the show but real people who were like those on the show.  They were seated at the table adjacent to ours.  Thereby affording us a chance to observe without being obvious.   

(Writer’s note: Sorry about the delay.  Been gone a few days and just got back from a family member’s wedding AND had no internet or working computer.  See Damn computers, damn internet.)

Back to the Sopranos.  There were about 7 people, 2 ladies & 5 guys.  The thing that made us think they were like the Sopranos, was how they looked.  The ladies were all done up with lots of gold jewelery ~rings, earrings, necklaces~ and the guys were all dressed in black.  Seriously.  Plus, they smoked during dinner!  Sure, we were in Las Vegas and everyone smokes there.  But during dinner is a bit much these days.  Luckily with our table being situated as it was, the stench of the cigarettes didn’t bother us too much.          

Our food was fabulous.  Filet Mignon served with the most incredible sauces.  There was this jalapeno mango sauce, hollandaise ~of course~, and another sauce that I’ve completely forgotten.  The dessert was sublime.  Lots of chocolate with coffee ice cream (a big favorite of mine).  Plus, the staff took the time to write Happy Anniversary in chocolate sauce on the platter!  Lets all say it together, Aaaahhhh.  It was a nice touch, though.  Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves.

OK, so I’m skipping all the boring details of where we gambled and how much we lost (truthfully, I don’t want to relive the sad, sad parting of my money from my wallet) and I’ll move on to the next day… we woke up when we felt like it!  No *screaming* from a 2 yr old on this morning, no sir.  No 7 yr old standing over me, staring down at me, willing me to wake up.  Just pure peace and quiet.  My wonderful husband went down and got me a latte and bagel.  I ate 1/2 the bagel & he ate a breakfast sandwich ~this will be important to know for later in the story.

We decided to head over to the Rio where they were holding a series of WSOP tournaments.  Yes, we saw a bunch of pro-poker players… can you say Phil Laak, Jennifer Tilly, Gavin Smith, Isabelle Mercier.  Pretty cool.  From there we went to one of our favorite places to gamble, Casino Royale.  Sure its old and hasn’t ever been remodeled but the games are cheap & fun.  We played on a $3 craps table for, and I’m not exaggerating, 4 straight hours.  (Note: Here’s where it’s important to know what we ate for breakfast).  We played from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.  No stopping for lunch, just keep on playing.  Little did I know that the husband was consuming many, many, many beers during this time frame.  I realized how WASTED he was when we attempted to walk back to the hotel.  I lost count of the number of times he stumbled into me.  When we got to the room he immediately fell onto the bed.  Now, I’m a realist (some of the time) and what I realized about this situation is that he was going to pass out and/or vomit fairly quickly. 

So, I did my best to try to motivate him to eat something, take a shower, keep moving, do anything that might keep him from becoming comatose.  Well, in a nutshell, I failed.  He passed out on the bed.  Then suddenly woke up and went to the bathroom.  I waited, and waited, and waited for the upchucking to begin, but heard no sound ~ just absolute silence.  This began to worry me.  What the hell happened?  Did he leave the room?!  No, oh no, he was in the bathroom all right.  Just passed out on the floor.  HELLO??!!  Are you dead down there?! 

Well, I am happy to report that he was not dead on the bathroom floor.  And he did eventually make it back to the bed.  No vomitting.  Thank goodness.  Around 2 1/2 hrs later I managed to roust him.  We made it down to dinner, finally.  He got some food in his stomach and it revived him. 

We went down to Fremont Street and lost more money.  BTW, we really didn’t have the money to lose in the first place but oh well, you only live once, right?!  And as I’ve said before, it’s the cost of entertaiment.  BLAH!

I will say one final thing, we left on Saturday as opposed to Sunday (which is when we usually fly home) and there was NO line at the baggage drop-off, NO line at the ID check point, and NO line at the security check point!  BRILLIANT!  I think we will plan all our future trips so that we leave on Sat.

All right, I’d say that’s about enough for now,



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