Damn computers, damn internet

For the last few days we have had problems with our internet connections (as in NO internet connection) AND my hard drive took a dump (as in crapped out & isn’t working anymore). OOHH SOOOOO MUCH FUN!  Luckily, the husband is a tech genius.  All right, that might be a little bit of a stretch.  He knows a thing or two about computers.  So we were able to save all my information (hurrah!!) and get a brand new hard drive to replace the one that went kaput.  I certainly would love to get a new computer all together, maybe a laptop, but it just isn’t in the budget at present. 

For two days  ~hey, I have children and other commitments I couldn’t just ignore~ I have had the pleasure of installing all my software and saved files on to the new drive.  All the things I need to operate my computer and my life.  Man, we are so very dependent on these damn things now it’s ridiculously frightening.

Any way, in the mean time I haven’t been able to the things I usually do on my ‘puter.  Business, emails, blogs (reading & writing), so on and so on.  I  am *thrilled* to report that all is working perfectly now!!  I suppose I should have known it was coming… every time I turned my ‘puter on it froze up and I had to turn it off by pressing the power button until it shut off & then pressing the power button again until it came on again. (You can see what a tech genius I am. HAHAHA)  Well, one day it just didn’t come on at all.  And wouldn’t you know this would happen RIGHT before we were due to leave for our anniversary trip?!  So, I told the husband not even to attempt to fix it now, it will take too long and cause too much stress.  The last thing I want is for you to be pissed-off before we leave for our trip ~sans jeunes filles

(Writer’s note: I am simultaneously ~I may not be a tech genius but I can multi-task~ writing a blog on our trip, you’ll be able to read about that shortly.)  

Of course, the minute we got back he began working on my ‘puter.  What a great husband!  No whining necessary, nice!  It turned out to be a fairly easy fix.  Get a new hard drive and move on.  But that’s when the nightmare mystery of NO INTERNET began.  That whole thing was so complicated, I don’t even want to go into the details.  Suffice it to say that the wireless DSL was interferring with the connection that we had to our office via a satelite dish.

Finally, we have all things working as they should!  Now, I’m just waiting for some other thing to stop working properly, wait, strike that, I won’t ask for a something else to go wrong.  I’ll just say that I am grateful that things are working!

Enough for now,



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